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The Patient - Difficulty 6/10 Escape Rate: 30%

While racing to save your friend, you come upon a horrible accident that has left a patient fighting for their life. If they don’t receive medical treatment soon, their future is in serious jeopardy. Race the clock to save a life and find the key to their recovery.


ESC101 ​Difficulty 5/10  Escape Rate: 35%

A stalker on campus his kidnapped your best friend and locked you in the dorm. Security is nowhere to be found and time is running out. Sources say she isn’t the first victim. Uncover the stalker’s secret to escape in time to save her before he comes back for you.


Convicted - Difficulty 9/10 Escape Rate: 5%

A bad night turns worse as you are arrested for playing doctor with a dying patient. Doing time is hard, but you only have 60 minutes to escape before things get really shocking. Now, you’ll have to work together behind bars to sneak past the guards and find the One Way Out.  But be warned: Don’t get caught or it’s lights out for you!