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The Patient - Difficulty 2/5 Escape Rate: 30%

A horrible accident has left a patient fighting for their life. If they don’t receive medical treatment soon, their future is in serious jeopardy. Race the clock to save a life and find the key to their recovery.


ESC201 ​Difficulty 3/5  Escape Rate: 20%

A stalker on campus his kidnapped your best friend and locked you in the dorm. Security is nowhere to be found and time is running out. Sources say she isn’t the first victim. Uncover the stalker’s secret to escape in time to save her before he comes back for you.


Convicted - Difficulty 5/5 Escape Rate: 5%

Doing time is hard, but you only have 60 minutes to escape before things get really shocking. Arrested for impersonating a doctor, you’ll have to work together behind bars to sneak past the guards and find the One Way Out. But be warned: Don’t get caught or it’s lights out for you!


Collision - Difficulty 5/5 Escape Rate: 15%

After escaping a life sentence, you return to the scene of the accident, where the trail for your missing friend has gone cold. While standing around is a bad idea, what you find inside may be even more dangerous. Will you find your friend, or will you collide with a bigger truth about what actually happened.


RENDEZVOUS * Difficulty 3/5 Escape Rate: 35%

A cryptic message found among the wreckage leads you to a mysterious encounter in the forest that could finally reunite you with your missing friend. But be warned! You may be watching them, but who else might be watching you?

Black Site

Black Site - Difficulty 4/5 Escape Rate: 10%

Spiraling deeper into an unknown world, your discovery takes you off the grid to an underground government bunker. Officially, it doesn’t exist, and the few that know its whereabouts aren’t talking. Can you escape the darkness and free yourselves and the truth?