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Escape Room Learning Curve

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Escape rooms are exciting, puzzle adventures that new and experienced players have come to enjoy. As with anything that requires skill, there is a learning curve to success, and One Way Out Jacksonville’s escape rooms are no different.
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Everyone wants to win! Winning is exciting and exhilarating, especially when you know that winning means you bested the GameMaster. What could be better? Well….
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Expansion Questions & Answers

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If you received our latest email blast, then you heard about our expansion opening in May 2017. Many of you have been asking for details, so today’s post is designed to provide some info on what’s coming. See below for answers to some of the most common questions from players.
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Escape Rooms

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3….2….1….Flatline! The heart stops beating and the room goes quiet, except for the groans of those unable to escape the room before the sixty minute timer rings the alarm. The “doctors” were unable to complete their task this time, and their sounds of mourning aren’t for their patient, but for themselves. This is an escape room, a themed-labyrinth of puzzles and clues designed to challenge your logic and skill of observation, as the clock continues to increase the pressure.
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Different Teams in an Escape Room

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One of my favorite aspects of running an escape room is watching people interact. Whether it’s strangers meeting for the first time or extended families reuniting, the pressure of a countdown clock and the mystery of hidden clues brings people together like nothing else. Within minutes of walking into a room, players are communicating and collaborating toward a common goal; it’s fascinating!
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