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Different Teams in an Escape Room

One of my favorite aspects of running an escape room is watching people interact. Whether it’s strangers meeting for the first time or extended families reuniting, the pressure of a countdown clock and the mystery of hidden clues brings people together like nothing else. Within minutes of walking into a room, players are communicating and collaborating toward a common goal; it’s fascinating!

I’ve found that strangers often give each other the benefit of the doubt, assuming the other people trapped inside have the same good intention of helping them escape. These groups often speak politely to each other, are empathetic, and ask general questions more often to gain information. Often, these groups are highly successful and escape the room!

Friends are hit and miss. Groups of friends that hang out occasionally, whether date night with the babysitter at home, or the weekend crew finally getting some time to relax, tend to work well together. There is enough familiarity to promote teamwork and cooperation, but not so much that they take each other for granted.

Families can be quite interesting. Brothers and sisters can be competitive and may step on each other’s toes sometimes, but a family with a great attitude (led by the parents) is almost always a winner. Of course, there are families who just traveled 7 hours in a Camry and really need some time with a little more space than an escape room can provide.

All in all, groups are dynamic and I never see the same thing twice. But watching a seven year-old kid find clues and solving puzzles with their seventy year-old grandfather is pretty special. And seeing teenagers put their phones down for an hour to cheer their mother through a hidden passageway might just be worth a small road trip.

Can you find the One Way Out?

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