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Escape Rooms

I didn’t even know what an escape room was a year ago. When I walked into my first room, I didn’t know where to begin, let alone how to find an exit point. Within minutes, I was second-guessing myself, going back to look over a perfectly normal cable wire again and again. Surely, this wire went somewhere! Beyond that, I had determined that every ceiling tile or scratch on the wall was important. I simply couldn’t move on until I had ruled out that stray pen mark…it means something! My sixty minutes felt like five, and I was shocked to hear the door creak open and the game monitor call my name.
For anyone who has done an escape room, they know the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. More than that, they know the addiction that comes from the experience. Whether you are new to the genre, or you travel the world trying to find new adventures, escape games are certain to capture your imagination and excite your competitive spirit. I’ve currently attempted eight rooms and can’t wait to try the next one. Maybe you’ll be there with me, locked inside an unknown prison, hearing time tick away on the clock, and searching desperately for the One Way Out.
Can you find the One Way Out?

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