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Expansion Questions & Answers

Q: When are you going to open another room?

OWO: Collision is set to coincide with the opening of our expanded facility. A good escape room has a great story. This room will pick up the story where it left off in Convicted. We are committed to maintaining a narrative throughout our rooms that is both realistic and plausible, while still giving you the intrigue and mystery you crave.

Q: Why don’t you just rotate the rooms that you have?

OWO: Jacksonville is growing! We’ve grown up here and the city is more alive than ever. The approximate population of Jax is around 1.5 million residents, with 10x more than that in visitors every year. We don’t want to deprive anyone the chance to save The Patient or be Convicted. That was the reason we took the leap and decided to build eight additional rooms for you. Once we run out of space, we’ll either add more space or take a look at recycling the older games.

Q: What’s your plan for opening the rest of your escape rooms?

OWO: As mentioned, we have space for up to eight more before we will need to consider alternatives. Our goal is to open a new room every three to five months (faster if possible). The only thing slowing us down is construction time. As we grow, our imaginations are getting bigger and we want to maximize the “Wow!” factor for you. We are designing new ways to challenge your mind and unexpected surprises that we think are pretty cool, but we always want to stay true to our vision of solid puzzles that make sense.

Q: I’m bringing a birthday party/work team/scout troop/church youth group to One Way Out. Will there be anywhere that we can have cake/food/cookies/bible study?

OWO: There will be. We have included a huge space for parties and meetings. This will be available shortly after we open the expansion. Email Julie@onewayoutjax.com if you need this space for your next event.

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