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How To Build The Perfect Escape Room Team

Beating an escape room can be very challenging, but if you assemble a top-notch team, it can make the games a lot more manageable and fun! Below, I will list the top factors to consider when assembling your elite escape room squad.

  1. Number of Players – The number of players that you play with is a very important decision to make when you decide to build your team. The general thought is that four is the perfect number. Four is enough people to have diversity of thought, but it’s not too many cooks in the kitchen. When you play with groups larger than four, you will still have fun, but you may be slowed down a bit by having information spread between too many brains at once.
  2. Communication, Communication, Communication – This is the most important factor within an escape room team. Good escape room teams think out loud (literally) for an entire hour. There is no room for being shy or reserved on an escape room team. Every item, detail, clue, etc. is said out loud and given to every member of the team. Good escape room teams also never get too excited and keep communication clear and concise no matter the situation.
  3. Energy Level – A lot of teams fail because they start out a room and are really high energy for the first couple of minutes, then the energy slowly dies as the room goes along. You need to have at least one person in your group who keeps the energy high and reminds players to be just as fast and excited in the 55th minute as they were in the first minute.
  4. Diversity of Thought – It is very important to put players on your team who are different from each other. One person may love inspecting things in great detail. Another person may enjoy searching high and low for any and all clues. No matter what skills a player brings, it’s important that they share something different than other players. If everyone on the team thinks and plays the same way, you will all struggle on the same things. Having every person on the team excel at something different will greatly boost your team’s chances of success.

Using these tips and others in our blog, you can become an elite escape room player. If you would like to try out your new escape room skills on one of our escape games, click Book Now at the top of the screen or give us a call at 904-312-9984.

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