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Escape Room Learning Curve

Escape rooms are exciting, puzzle adventures that new and experienced players have come to enjoy. As with anything that requires skill, there is a learning curve to success, and One Way Out Jacksonville’s escape rooms are no different. Many participants often underestimate the difficulty of the rooms, or simply overestimate their ability to solve a puzzle they’ve never seen before. When going to a new escape room, be sure to ask the employees for their escape rates, and confirm the difficulty of the rooms before making your selection. You may be able to find some of this information online via the company’s website or a review site, like TripAdvisor.com. If you never played before, don’t be afraid to try an “easier” room. If you are successful, you’ve earned a win and gained some insight into how that organization designs their rooms. This will help you do better and escape faster in other rooms.

As Jacksonville’s local room designers, we try to strike a balance between a difficult challenge and a relaxing, fun atmosphere. We create our rooms to be enough of a challenge that 8-players will be challenged to escape in under 50 minutes, while also ensuring that 2-players can escape in under 60 minutes. This is the art (and science) that is escape room designing at One Way Out Jacksonville.

One Way Out Jacksonville currently offers four escape room scenarios with escape rates ranging from 30% success to less than 5% success. We always encourage first-time participants to try ESC201 or The Patient before moving toward our harder rooms. If you do choose a harder room, don’t get frustrated. Think logically, over-communicate with your team, and you just may survive! And remember, escape rooms are as much about escaping as they are about learning how to escape what’s next.

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