2-8 Players
60 Minutes
Escape Rate: 30%

The Patient

Racing down the highway toward your missing roommate, you slam on the brakes as you approach the horrific accident scene created by her signature “red wagon.” Searching for a lead, you notice that no passengers are present, only a trail of red that leads deeper into the rural countryside. With no other leads, you follow the trail to a small medical facility, which shows signs of forced entry. All eyes turn toward an unidentified female laying helplessly on the table. No one speaks, but everyone knows that this woman holds the key to Liz’s whereabouts. With no time to call for help, and risking everything for the information found within this one life, you forge deeper into your quest to find Liz.

The Patient pulls you further into the story as you attempt to identify and save a dying patient in a medical facility. The only remaining unchanged OWO original, this room blends dynamic escape room mechanics with creative twists that will keep you guessing to the final heartbeat. In this room, differentiated puzzles are scientifically-designed to challenge all skill levels, ages and abilities.

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